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WingFan Ventura Solarvent Venturatec - Cooling and Ventilation

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The VT1400 is the largest of its type in the local marketplace and boasts a 1400 mm (55”) impeller with blades from 304 stainless steel or aluminium. It is electronically balanced for optimal vibration free operation. The impeller blades are of low noise design and self cleaning, requiring minimum power input.

Made from stainless steel, the impeller blades and v-belt pulley prevent electrolysis between dissimilar metals (galvanised blades may corrode heavily in humid conditions if in contact with aluminium.)

A long-life v-belt transmits power from the electric motor to the impeller, and a spring loaded belt tensioner ensures even belt tension, implying a minimum of maintenance. Large diameter die cast aluminium pulleys ensure optimal grip for the v-belt and an extremely long service life for the bearing and other rotating components.

The main impeller bearing is a high quality permanently sealed double row ball bearing with a service life of many years.

The frame or side plates and venturi around the impeller, are made from durable galvanised sheet metal.

The side plates are equipped with M8 clinch nuts to allow for easy mounting of the fan units. The automatic louvers are made from durable galvanised sheet metal. The louvers pivot in plastic bushes and are opened by air pressure as the fan starts up, this is then kept in fully opened position by a set of counter balances. This ensures minimum drag and frictional losses. The louvers close positively when the impeller is not running.

The 1,5 kW, 3-phase, 4-pole (1440 r/min) electric motor was designed for minimum energy loses and long operational life. The motor protection is IP55 with class F insulation.

Venturatec - Fan Technical Description

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