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Venturatec - Cooling and Ventilation

Venturatec - Cooling and Ventilation
Venturatec - Cooling and Ventilation
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The Venturatec range of fans is of a low-noise, low-power, high-efficiency design with slow rotating impellers. The belt drives and tensioner pulleys are designed to give years of reliable service.

The self cleaning impeller blades have recently been optimised in order to improve air movement and energy consumption. The blades are either made from stainless steel or aluminium.

The frames are made from durable Z275 zinc coated sheet steel. The rust and corrosion protection is class leading technology. The louvers are opened by the air stream and are held open with counterweights to optimise air pressure drop through them. A very reliable system that provides decades of maintenance free service.

All spare parts are available at all times.